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Offline Raleigh, December edition

Avivah with Offline


Dec 1, 2019 6:30AM

A 3-Min Guide to Cortez
2 Curated community events & extra surprises

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It’s way too easy to get stuck going to the same old places. Offline pushes me to explore new Raleigh places and neighborhoods that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Offline has given me a reason to break up my routine and explore more of what’s good in Raleigh and surrounding neighborhoods. It’s been a blast getting to adventure outside my normal bubble and meet new people along the way!

My husband and I are able to visit new restaurants, score invites to private events, and check out places that haven’t even opened to the public yet. Offline keeps our social lives active and helps us meet other people in the area with similar interests.

As someone new to Raleigh, Offline has been my go-to  subscription for discovering the best of the city!

It’s our monthly ritual on the 1st of each month to scramble and check our email to find out the exciting perks we got for our Offline subscriptions. Being vegetarians, Offline encourages us to explore little-known places we normally would be skeptical about and encourages us to expand our palette!


We won’t play coy: we’re major Raleigh fans (some say bordering on fanatic). It’s our mission to spread the love and, in turn, help make this city a better place. And not to pat ourselves on the back here, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve done together so far. We’ll let the data back us up here.

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