How To Use Offline

a step-by-step guide on using your membership

So you’re an Offliner now—nice! Welcome again.You may have already guessed that we’re a little different from other services you’re familiar with. So, before you dive head first into the month, let’s make sure you’re crystal clear on how to use your membership

Don’t worry, using your membership is easy as one, two, three…

#1 Read Your Monthly Newsletter For Everything You Need To Know

Your newsletter arrives bright and early on the first of each month. In it, you’ll find all the information you need, including your personal monthly Offer(s), exclusive perks, info on upcoming Sneak Peeks, and anything else you might need to know that month.

If you ever have any trouble finding your newsletter, try searching “Offline Durham: [Current Month] Edition” or “Offline Raleigh: [Current Month] Edition.”

Still no luck? Contact us and we’ll figure out what’s up.   

#2 Know Your Member ID

See that gorgeous set of numbers at the top of your monthly newsletter? That’s your permanent Offline ID, which is yours and yours alone.

Think of your ID like a master key. It’s the secret code you’ll use to unlock all your Offers, month after month. There’s no physical coupon, separate scannable code, or special card to flash—just saying your ID number is all you’ll need to do to redeem an Offer. Let’s break that down a little more…

#3 Redeem Your Offers

Your first time redeeming an Offer can feel intimidating. We promise it’s NBD.

Give your Offline ID when it’s time to pay

To redeem your Offer, order normally and simply tell your server/cashier that you are an Offline member when it’s time to pay. They’ll take your ID number and adjust your bill accordingly. It’s that easy.

The exchange might look something like this:

Server: Anything else I can get you?
You: No thanks, just the check. And FYI, I’m an Offline member.
Server: Nice, you guys are awesome! What’s your ID?
You: Yeah, I am awesome and so is Offline as a whole [you go on a long tangent about how great we are]. Anyway, my number is [your number].
Server: Got it. I’ll be right back with your check, duderino.

Okay, we may have taken a little creative liberty here, but that’s the gist. Told you it’d be easy.

Don’t forget to tip on the pre-discounted total

We’re all about supporting the community and since you’re here, we bet you are too. Make your mom proud and tip like you were raised right.

BONUS: Get the Same Offers As Your Friend

Everything’s better with friends, Offline included. If there’s someone specific you want to use your Offers with, we can easily set it up so you both get the same ones. We’ll make sure you and your friend get the same Offers. Just let us know if you want to pull the trigger.