Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

local food, inventive craft brews + the best view in town

by Sammi with Offline

The Need-to-Know

What: Chef-driven kitchen, brewery, and year-round patio with the best views in downtown Raleigh

Where: 201 S Boylan Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603

When: Tues-Thurs, 5-10p; Fri-Sat, 11:30a-11p; Sun, 10a-4p

Web: Website | Menu Instagram 

Why we love ‘em:

  • Their stunning all-seasons (read: heated!) patio overlooks the best view of Raleigh’s skyline, hand’s down, period, end of sentence.
  • Wye Hill’s got a super adaptive menu focused on local and seasonal ingredients.
  • Their Sunday brunch is served all-blessed-day (10a-4p).
  • They’re constantly crafting inventive small-batch brews, all made in-house on the daily.
  • They love local. Case and point? Their kitchen AND brewery source directly from 10+ area food and farm vendors. 

Wye Hill 101

What do you get when an all-star team of culinary and beer visionaries come together to revamp a spot with one of the city’s best skyline views? Answer: the newly upgraded and expertly executed Wye Hill, one of the most unique and bucket listed dining experiences in DTR.

Formerly known as the Boylan Bridge Brewpub, this iconically-located food spot underwent new ownership before embarking on an unbelievably badass rebirth earlier this year. They closed down for just one mini month of in-house renovations to reopen and unveil their new forward-thinking and modern spot. Now, atop Boylan Bridge, you’ll find Wye Hill, a righteously good chef-driven restaurant, brewery, and picturesque patio that the people of Raleigh deserved, all along. 

Sitting literally atop a hill at the intersection of bustling neighborhoods and railways (that’s where the name comes from), Wye Hill has an incomparable backdrop of the downtown cityscape where folks, fams, (and dogs!), can catch enviable, panorama views of Raleigh views from their patio open year-round. Sip and dine al fresco all summer long, or cozy up in their enclosed and heated haven during colder days—it’s all good all year at Wye Hill.

But no matter the time of year, if you take a step inside Wye Hill’s glass-walled taproom, you’ll find an open, industrial-feeling space lined with lush palm plants, plenty of indoor seating, and a curvy wooden bar. Also new and unbeknownst to most, they pull off their entire brewery operation in-house, right behind those unsuspecting taproom doors. They brewing beer daily, focusing on foraged, local, and seasonal ingredients, so you can try an inventive new beer, each and every time you revisit. And going against—for lack of a better term—the grain, it’s their beer that’s calling the shots, inspiring the kitchen to come up with fun new pairings for their rapid releases on the reg. But now that we’ve covered the bases, let’s get into the goods. 

What to order

While Wye Hill’s menus regularly rotate based on what’s fresh and locally available, their chef is endlessly experimenting with new dishes and exciting flavors. As such, they’re constantly debuting exciting new additions (like their rave-worthy Sunday brunch, served all day long) and seasonal specials that have had folks begging for their return before they’re even gone (historically, many of these fan faves have already been turned into menu mainstays!). 

The official word on how much to order is that two small plates paired with one big plate, or three small plates a person should do, but let’s be real, you’ll never go wrong (or go home hungry) by going big at Wye Hill. Here are some of our absolute must-haves.

Rotating Mainstays on the Menu

If you heart hummus, you’re in for a treat with their seasonally-rotating take on this timeless classic. Currently, the Charred Carrot Hummus expect a complexly creamy dip loaded with all the asiatic flavors.

You’ll never go wrong with their Local Salad which promises fresh and local greens with fun seasonal iterations (obvi). 

Poultry is a pillar of their menu and their locally-sourced and house-made Herb Roasted Chicken plated with purple sweet potato puree will remind you it’s fall with every bite. 

Seasonal, Shareable Small & Large Plates

The Steamed Clams are bathed in a spicy, fragrant sauce paired with a piece of crispy Union Special focaccia that’s perfect for soaking up every last drop of this yummy broth (and saving you the embarrassment of publicly licking the bowl clean, like you’ll want to).

Their seasonal Sorghum Soy Glazed Carrots are a dangerously-addicting pile of sweetly glazed, charred rainbow carrots. 

The Boneless Ribeye is a dense, seared steak soaked in beer beurre coupled with slightly charred asparagus and confit potatoes, woo-wee.

Trust us, you’ve never had fries like their Duck Fat Fries, which are stacked and flavored with truffle oil, pecorino romano, and a heavenly herb aioli. 

The people have spoken. Their Fried Green Tomatoes have such a cult-following, Wye Hill’s promised to keep them on the menu indefinitely. 

Sunday Brunch, Served All Day

They’ve got a bomb dot com Pork Belly Benedict: locally-made Michael’s English muffins topped with their signature 63-degree eggs and smothered with NC-made lusty monk mustard. So yeah, like we said, bomb. dot. com.

You’ll be forever ruined for french toast anywhere else after one bite of the Apple Cinnamon Brioche, their absolutely craveable house-made hefeweizen brioche paired with diced smoked apples, mint, and basil (trust, this herbaceous accent really brings out the sweetness of dish).

Their brunch cocktails are only available on Sunday and you best believe they’re bangin’. Snag a signature Berry Mimosa that’s loaded with local fresh berries, a Bloody Mary spiced up with Sea Change IPA, or their Mexican-style Michelada made with their very own Oktoberfest brew.

Bevs and House-Crafted Brews

Up for stellar riffs on some classics? Pick your poison between The Conductor, their sweet take on an Old Fashioned while their Aperol Spritz brings in some new notes reminiscent of a good old Negroni thanks to two kinds of vermouth. 

They’ve always got a spot for a special zero proof concoction, and the Apparent Disregard is no exception, a rich, Thai basil shrub-infused bubbly that’s unique and supremely sippable—sans booze.

Their beer sitch is no joke. They’ve got glasses specially-designed to provide the ultimate aromatic experience for folks to enjoy their Wye Hill-exclusive small-batch brews. Their expert head brewer rapidly releases new small batches that will (sadly) be gone once they’re gone so you’ve got to truly enjoy them to their fullest.

Pro Tips

  • They’re surrounded by plenty of street parking (score!), but if you park across the bridge, you can sneak in some extra skyline views on your walk over to Wye Hill.
  • You didn’t hear it from us, but they unofficially accept reservations for the patio if you get your name on the list at the door, but if you want to skip the wait, you can always call in to snag a seat on the inside.
  • They’re super committed to supporting folks’ individual dietary restrictions, so tell ‘em your sitch so they can deliciously accommodate.
  • True story: they sampled over 100 different pint glasses to find the perfect glass to serve their beer. And yes, they sell them so you can optimally savor your brews at home too!