Rush Bowls

all-natural acai + smoothie bowls

by Avivah with Offline

Rush Bowls 101

Getting your five-a-day is about to get way easier. Hillsborough Street’s newest resident, Rush Bowls has officially arrived and they’re putting our homemade smoothies to shame. It’s a DIY spot with over 20 possible combos and a wide selection of handcrafted, tried-and-true bowls. Their menu of expertly crafted bowls go way beyond the classic acai bowl. Needless to say, there’s something for everyone here. Even pups (seriously). 

Rush Bowls churns out thick and creamy smoothie bowls, full of protein, and topped with extra goodies. They’re all-in-one meals that are healthy, so your body may just forgive you for those recent late-night fries (but don’t quote us, we’re not scientists). With an ice cream-like consistency, bright flavors, and vibrant color, it’s almost hard to believe these decadent bowls are good for you. And yet somehow they are. Go figure.

Everything is made in-house (yep, even the peanut butter), right before your eyes with fresh, honest ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. Don’t be surprised if you happen upon the local owners perusing a stand at the State Farmers’ Market—they’re beyond passionate about health, and psyched to be bringing more accessible, wholesome options to the Triangle. (There are two additional locations opening soon: one on Durham’s 9th St., the other on Fayetteville St.) Adorned with Raleigh-centric murals inside, this grab-and-go spot is small but mighty—a v welcome addition to the hustle and bustle of the ‘hood. 

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What to order

Obviously, smoothie bowls are the star of the show here. And while you’re more than welcome to DIY and customize to your heart’s content, they’ve also got a tried-and-true menu of expertly-blended bowls fit to satisfy cravings and cure what ails you. The menu is expansive, but don’t get overwhelmed—it’s split up into four major categories:

  • Enlightened: OG bowls made with straightforward ingredients that pack a serious punch
  • Adventure: unique flavor combinations for the risk-takers
  • Comfort: indulgent bowls that are a decadent (but yes, still healthy) way to treat ‘yo self
  • Acai: this is where it all started folks, these are the famous purple bowls made with that antioxidant-rich superfood everyone struggles to pronounce correctly

All of these handcrafted bowls are nutrient-dense as is, but if you need an extra boost, feel free to toss in some add-ons; they’ve got a whole bunch of proteins and dietary supplements (everything from Matcha to chia seeds and soy protein) to choose from. Not sure where to start? The staffs’ got your back. They’re well versed and willing to help—no need to feel like you missed your copy of the health enthusiast handbook in the mail. 

It’s also worth noting that Rush Bowls also boasts a wide selection of sippable smoothies—a perfect solution for those on the go. Their smoothie menu is different than their bowl menu, but that just means more options! Plus, you can get any smoothie made into a bowl, and vice-versa.

Now, with such a wide selection, we get that it’s hard to settle on just one. Luckily, we’ve got a few standout faves: 

  • Wade into the smoothie bowl world with their signature bowl, the Beach Bowl. It’s is a straight-up classic, made with acai, guava, mango, and banana. 
  • The Spicy Bowl started as a monthly special but was brought back by popular demand. Made with fresh fruit, lemonade, and cayenne, this baby’s definitely not for the faint of heart. It may be cold, but you’ll sweat from the heat while eating it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  • Forget the old ‘hair of the dog’ adage. Get yourself right with Poe’s Hangover; it’s an absolute godsend after a night out. Made with tons of fruit (including exotic prickly pear), this drink’s got lots of extra supplements (think hydration, immune boosters, vitamin C, superfoods, etc.) that’ll get you back on your feet. 

And—because we’re big old dog nerds over here at Offline—we’ve got to point out that Rush Bowls also makes a Bow Wow Bowl (topped with a milkbone!) for furry friends. How doggone adorable is that?

Pro Tips

  • Sign up for their email list (don’t worry, it’s not spam-y) or text updates to score free swag.
  • Each month, they unveil an off-menu bowl. The only way to get the get this top-secret info? Be a subscriber to that newsletter we just mentioned. 
  • Join their loyalty program and your 10th bowl will be free. 
  • Parking in the area is admittedly a little tough. The Dan Allen or Stanhope deck behind Rush Bowls is your best bet! 
  • Reminder: any smoothie can be a bowl and vice versa.