Kale Me Crazy

bright salads, vibrant juices, creamy smoothies + more

by the Offline team

Kale Me Crazy 101

Kale Me Crazy is the newest, locally-owned, quick-service spot in Cameron Village that’s serving up healthy fare that’s fresh, flavorful, and unpretentious. It’s their second Triangle location (their OG spot is thriving in Cary), making it just a little easier to eat real food that fuels and fills you. 

Here, you’ll find creamy smoothies, vibrant juices, bright salads, fresh poke, and more—all made without additives, preservatives, added sugar, or sugar substitutes. It’s a gluten-friendly menu with tons of vegan options. KMC’s a perfect pit-stop for a quick grab-n-go before work, after a workout, or whenever you need a healthy pick-me-up.

What to order

The Toast Trifecta

There are not one, not two, but THREE types of millennial-friendly toast. So the real question is not if, but which you’ll get. (Or ball out, get ‘em all, and call it a DIY toast flight like we did.They’re all served on Ezekiel bread (a super nutrient-dense bread) but the similarities stop there. Here’s the rundown:

Avocado Toast ($6), the classic slice that brought the toast trend to us all, gets served here with hard-boiled egg, dijon mustard, scallions, and a shouldn’t-they-be-charging-me-extra-for-this amount of avocado. 

Smoked Salmon Toast ($8), features a thick layer of goat cheese topped with sustainable smoked salmon, fresh radishes, pickled red onions, dill, and scallions. It’s pleasantly pink and perfect if you’re craving a bagel and lox, but don’t want to eat a trillion carbs at the moment.

Before we get into the Almond Butter Toast ($4.50), can we take a moment to appreciate the OG nature of this bb? Anyone else’s mum used to pack them a PB, banana + honey sandwich back in the day? Of course, KMC’s version is a more refined, featuring organic almond butter, banana, and flax seeds. It’s Ideal for when you’re craving something sweet, wholesome, and healthy (and appreciate a small side of nostalgia).

Smoothies, and Juices, and Shots (Oh My!)

Kale Me Crazy’s got an extensive list of liquid ways to get your five-a-day. Find freshly-made smoothies, colorful juices, and specialty shots, all chock full of vitamins, fiber, and all that jazz. 

The Recovery ($8.50) is their most popular smoothie for a reason. Featuring banana, cherries, cashews, coconut yogurt, almond milk, and vegan protein, it basically tastes like you’re drinking a creamy milkshake (that just so happens to be good for you). 

Or get your breakfast and morning caffeine all in one with the Grounded smoothie ($8.00). Featuring almond milk, hemp protein, raw cacao, banana, hemp seeds, brazil nuts, dates, cinnamon, and raw honey, you can opt into a coffee add-on for a buzzy-breakfast that’s speedier than Starbucks. 

And now that Offline Offers can no longer cover booze (blame the ABC Board), KMC’s shots are the closest you can get to knocking one back. There’s the traditional Wheatgrass ($3), Aloe ($2), and Ginger ($2.50) shots, in addition to KMC’s own concoctions. We’re big fans of the Brain-On ($3.50), because it def delivered the increased focus it promised, as well as the Wellness shot ($5), which is basically a cure-all.

And Don’t Forget About…

The insta-worthy Acai Bowl ($9.50+), fresh tuna Poke Bowl ($13.50), and allllllllll their wraps and salads (with 10+ options, there are simply too many to call out here). 

Pro Tips

  • Go for breakfast. Start off on the right foot with the most important meal of the day. It’s as fast for grab-n-go as anything around and will keep you fueled through all those this-could-have-been-an-email meetings. 
  • Use your Offline Offer towards a Cleanse. A 3-day juice cleanse normally retails for $145 (and basically never goes on sale), but you’re welcome to use your perk towards that total. We’re no experts, but if you ask us, a delicious, discounted detox makes the three days a helluvalot easier.  
  • Your Offline Offer can be used at either their Raleigh OR Cary location.