Cocoa Forte

chocolate-dipped cheesecakes + more sweet treats

by the Offline team

UPDATE: since this article was first published in 2019, Cocoa Forte has made one change major change. They’ve moved out of their MSFH location, but fear not, their desserts are still just as drool-worthy and available for next-day delivery.

Cocoa Forte 101

Honestly, we could distill this article down to just three words: Chocolate. Dipped. Cheesecakes. 

But while that’s probably what you already know Cocoa Forte for, it would be doing them a disservice to stop there because the whole story much sweeter. 

This local desserts company was started by a husband and wife team, and was more of a hobby than anything else at first. They just had a tiny tent and a freezer and would pop up at events around town to dish out these delightful treats. But their desserts were obviously a hit (again, chocolate dipped cheesecakes), so they quickly upgraded to a food truck and more recently opened their first brick-and-mortar as part of Morgan Street Food Hall. 

While they experimented with different menu additions in their larger Morgan Street Space (like the crazy brunch waffles you may have seen floating around the ‘gram), Cocoa Forte has moved to a smaller kiosk in the hall so they can focus on their bread and butter (er, cheese and cake) again. Besides their signature dipped cheesecake on a stick, you can get some perfectly bite-sized sharable (or snackable) treats. Find them in the big dining hall across from the flower shop for exactly what your sweet tooth has been searching for. 

What to order

The dipped cheesecake slices ($5) are the most obvious choice. Cocoa Forte is famous for these slices of vanilla cheesecake dipped in various flavors like chocolate peanut butter or toasted coconut, then topped with all sorts of crunchy delights and served up on a stick. 

The one (and only) problem with these is that they’re hard to share or save any for later. That’s why Cocoa Forte has added smaller choices that you can mix-and-match into the perfect box of treats: cheesecake bites in a variety of flavors (vanilla oreo or cinnamon roll, anyone?) and topped with a signature cream cheese frosting, mini cupcakes, and even chocolate-dipped strawberries for the ultimate decadence. 

You can snag mix-and-match boxes of these bites ($7 for four, $18 for 12, or $29 for 24) to bring to a party, give as a gift, and generally be everyone’s new best friend. (Or just eat by yourself, no judgement.)

Cocoa Forte is also always experimenting monthly signature flavors (like May’s margarita flavor with lime, tequila, and salt) and new desserts entirely, so you might find a sweet surprise in the display case when you go. Watch their social media for specials, and since everything they make is delicious, we recommend trying whatever catches your eye. 

Pro Tips

  • They always have birthday candles or sparklers on hand, so make sure to ask if you’re buying these for a celebratory treat! (Even if that celebration is just that you made it through Monday.)
  • As we mentioned above, they moved locations within Morgan Street Food Hall! You can now find Cocoa Forte in the big dining room across from the flower shop. 
  • Cocoa Forte has two food trucks that are around the Triangle daily. You can follow them on social media to see where they’ll be showing up—or book them for a private event(Note that Offline Offers aren’t valid at the truck or for private bookings.)
  • Need some treats in a hurry? Cocoa Forte offers delivery through Uber Eats, Postmates, and Door Dash for only a small fee. (Note that Offline Offers are valid for online ordering.)