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global boutiqe wine selection + DIY pour-by-the-ounce station

by Avivah with Offline

The Need-to-Know

Wine: You (maybe) know it, you definitely love it, you almostnever need an excuse to drink it, but Wine Authorities has a few. 

This wine shop is a Triangle institution, with over 10 years of history in the area and stores in both Raleigh and Durham. They pride themselves on having a boutique mindset with an every-millennial’s budget—that is, while all their wines are sourced from family-owned wineries that grow their own grapes, every bottle in the store costs less than $50 (and most under $20).  

Besides their dedication to getting you the best bang for your buck when it comes to imbibing, Wine Authorities brings a totally non-snobby attitude to the wine-drinking game. If you do know all about varietals, regions and terroir the staff are wine veterans who can chat with you about it for days. If you barely know the difference between a chardonnay and a sav blanc, this is a judgment-free zone and the team will still do everything they can to help find a bottle you love. 

Best of all? Our Offline members in Raleigh AND Durham get $25 to spend at Wine Authorities during the month of November. We’ll talk a little below about how to use this money for maximum wine drinkage. (Not Offline yet? Get on the waitlist, or ask one of your cool Offline friends for a referral to skip the line!)

Here are a few of our favorite ways to imbibe a lot (and even learn a little) at Wine Authorities!

1. Join For a FREE Tasting Then Bring Your Favorites Home

Every Tuesday from 5-7p and Saturday from 12-3p Wine Authorities offers free tastings at both their Raleigh and Durham locations. Each day has some sort of theme, with Tuesdays often being more eccentric (e.g., wines to pair with donuts) and Saturdays more classic, based off region or grape variety. You’ll get to sip on 3-5 wines and get a little lesson on what makes each special. Once you’ve discovered a new fave, buy the bottle (most are under $20!) to savor at home or share the love with friends. 

2. Try By the Glass on Your Own Time

Can’t make it to one of the tastings? Worry not—Wine Authorities has a way to try some of their bottles any time of day. Their in-house Enomatic machine (available in both locations) allows them to pretty much offer wine on tap, meaning you can sample some house favorites by the ounce, half glass or glass. 

You simply load up an Enomatic card at the register then grab a glass and pour to your heart’s content! 

Offline members: Load all $25 onto an Enomatic card and you’ll be tasting wine for days!

3. Purchase a Picnic (aka ALL OF THE CHEESES)

Wine Authorities doesn’t mess around when it comes to food pairings for their bevs. Not only does their Raleigh location make a mean charcuterie board (in addition to a full menu), both locations offer acheese selection that’s sure to impress even the most bougie cheese-lovers

Grab a snack while you sip wines in house, or grab a bottle and some cheese to go for the perfect picnic. With $25, Offline members could get a seriously impressive spread—maybe take it up to The Dillon rooftop for an awesome date night?

4. Stock Up on Expert Picks (at Amazing Prices)

Instead of locking wine lovers into a monthly subscription model, Wine Authorities has come up with something a little more flexible: their six for $60 special. Every month, the team chooses six of their favorite reds and six of their favorite whites of various price points, and offers the lot of them for a steep discount of $60 ($110 if you want all 12!). In case you’ve already had a glass and can’t do the math, that’s $10 or less a bottle. 

Buy it the months you want it, skip the months you need to save. This month, we’re thinking it might be the perfect way to prep for all the upcoming holiday get-togethers.

And Offline members, if you haven’t figured it out already, with your credit you could get six great bottles for only $35—less than $6 a bottle!

5. Explore (or Ask!) to Find a New Fave

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Want to skip the frills and just walk in and buy a bottle of wine? Wine Authorities makes it easy to find what you’re looking for—or discover something new. 

Skipping the standard critics’ reviews, the staff at Wine Authorities has written descriptions of each and every bottle in their store—all in layman’s terms. Each sign includes enticing tasting notes, suggested food pairings, and even a little story you can tell about the wine to whoever you’re sharing it with. Plus, they’ve got a simple labeling system to find your price point—daily wines are $11.99 or less, weekly wines $19.99 or less and monthly wines $20-50.

If you’re not totally sure what you’re looking for, the staff is, of course, ready to help and unafraid of strange requests. Want a wine to pair with Cheetos? They’re on it. Trying to find the perfect accompaniment for your Netflix and chill night? No problemo.

Offline members: With $25 grab a couple of daily bottles or seriously treat yourself to a monthly wine.