sushi burritos, nachos + other mashup magic

written by Avivah with Offline

photo by the insanely talented @betterwithju

Sushiōki 101

It’s no secret that we Millennials have a “thing” for Instagramable food mashups (the infamous Cronut, Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers—the list goes on and on). Specifically, here at Offline, we’ve found that “sushi + [literally insert anything]” will essentially break the internet (or our server, at the very least). 

So, sushi-lovers, get psyched because Sushiōki has brought more sushi mashup magic to the Triangle. Introducing Sushi Burritos, super-sized rolls that chopsticks just can’t handle. Bring your appetite and plan on using both hands to enjoy mega-massive rolls. Because what’s the only thing better than sushi? More sushi (duh). These sushi burritos are the size of at *least* three standard sushi rolls, and all around ten bucks each, so they’re killer bang for your buck. Handmade fast and fresh to order, these sushi-rritos are perfectly portable, filling AF, and the very definition of ‘gramworthy. And—because it’s important to stay on top of the trend—they’ve recently added another Mexican mashup to their menu: Sushi Nachos, FTW.

They make all their own marinades and pickles in house, as well as many of their sauces. And, thanks to one of the owners’ heritage, you‘ll also find several Korean influences on the menu: bulgogi burritos and nachos, in addition to flavorful gochujang sauce, to name a few. It’s also worth noting that there are plenty of cooked options for those opposed to raw fish or aren’t crazy about traditional sushi.  

Finally, you’ve got to know that this place isn’t solely about trendy, ‘grammable food. Behind these gorgeous rolls is biz with a larger and unexpected mission: refugee aid. Sushiōki is committed to hiring and helping find work for local refugees, ensuring they’ve got a living wage, helping them navigate local life. As though we needed another reason to book it over there…

What to order

The love-child of sushi and a burrito is the obvious order here and there are multiple options. They’ve got everything from the classic California Dreamin’ ($9.25) to the Titan Tempur ($10.75), made with tempura shrimp, pickled cucumber and a sweet Thai chili sauce. Bull City Bulgogi ($9.75) and Spicy Tuna ($12.25) are their most popular items and you’re also free to have any burrito made into a salad or as a roll-in-a-bowl (I.E. a rice bowl). 

There are plenty of vegan rolls and (on the opposite end of the spectrum) fully-cooked meat options for those who aren’t raw fish fans. If you’re not sold on sushi, go for the Tofu Crunch ($8.75), with pan-seared tofu and tempura crumbles, or the Southern Sushi ($9.75), which features hickory smoked pork, slaw, and crunchy pork rinds.

Spicy Tuna Wonton Nachos ($7) is a recent addition to their menu and, while we never realized we needed them before, we now don’t know how we lived so long without them. Using crunchy, fried wonton wrappers as a base, these nachos make the leap from ho-hum to oh YUM with a healthy topping of cucumber, pickled red onion, spicy tuna, spicy sauce, eel sauce, masago, and chopped green onion. It’s definitely a shareable plate, but after one bite, you may decide you’d rather be selfish and eat ‘em all yourself. 

Pro Tips

  • Daily specials mean you get $2 off specific burritos 
    • Monday: Bull City Bulgogi
    • Tuesday: Reel Alaskan
    • Wednesday: Oh My Gahshi
    • Thursday: California Dreamin’
    • Friday: Titial Tempur
  • A build-your-own option isn’t technically on the menu but they’ll happily customize whatever you want. 
  • Got a group? Opt for the Family Meal, which will give you any four rolls, four chips + four drinks for just $50.