Durham To-Go

You get takeout

we get the tab.

Every month, Offline matches you up with 2 new Durham restaurants and puts $20+ back in your pocket to try takeout at each one.

‘Cause Durham’s gotta eat

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We expertly curate Durham’s takeout scene

Our team scours the city to discover Durham’s most badass spots and handpicks new ones for you try each month.

We send you $20+ for takeout from 2 restaurants

We take the risk out of trying something new by kicking in $10-$15 towards the tab at each spot. 

Use (or extend) your Offers by the end of each month

You have until the end of each month to use your $20+ or you lose ‘em. No time? Forgot? Pay $2 to extend another 14 days.

Try something new every month + support Durham

Restaurants need your business now more than ever. Our business model guarantees that every partner profits.





Offline Durham, November edition

Avivah with Offline


Nov 1, 2020 6:30AM


A peek at the company we keep



What restaurants will I get?

It’s a surprise (and that’s half the fun.) So, while you won’t know exactly what you’re going to get, you can be sure it’s no more that ~15 from downtown and a 4+ star rating on Yelp. If you want to get a sense of the company we keep, click here to see some of our partners.

Can I get delivery?

Not yet. Our team is hard at work on that feature, but for now, you’ll have to pick your food up in person.

Can I order whatever I want?

Yep! The only restriction is that your Offer cannot be used on booze. (You can thank the ABC Board on that one.)

What if I want to dine-in?

Your Offer is only valid on takeout but you should check out our classic Offline subscription, which’ll give you extra spending money along with special perks. (free fitness classes, blowouts, etc.) and access to VIP Sneak Peek parties.

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We guarantee that every restaurant makes money by partnering with us.


We allow restaurants + members to rate one another to ensure we’ve got a respectful, supportive community that’s accountable for their behavior.


We partner almost exclusively with locally-owned spots in order to help our own economy flourish.