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It’s a simple concept, really, and one that your mom was right about all along: go out and play, make friends, and step away from all those screens.

We want you to rediscover your joie de vivre, which won’t come from scrolling your feed or binging another rerun. This is where we come in: your local concierge, serving up the inspiration and motivation to help you fall in love with where you live, one month at a time.

Because life’s too short to be stuck on the couch.


Our Story

Offline was born in the basement of Durham’s American Tobacco Campus in 2012. Fresh off of graduating top of his class in chemical engineering, Founder and CEO David Shaner had turned down a lucrative job offer to slum it in the startup world and pursue his passion: a company that used tech for “good” and measured success when it created moments that brought people together in the physical world.

Over the next few years, our team rallied around the core belief that creating such a product was both possible and very much needed in our modern world. But startups are never easy. It took six years, tens of thousands of hours, four different iterations of the business model, and a whole lot of caffeine to create the Offline you know today: a subscription service that actually gets people out into the real world, experiencing something new in their cities every single month.

Today, we’re proud to have a business that makes money by fulfilling its core mission. Our revenue comes 100% from our subscribers, nothing is #sponsored, and we’re able to help local businesses grow without charging them a dime. The result? A product with mutually assured success for all: our members, our partners, and in turn, our city. The very definition of a win-win-win.

Our Community

We create thousands of IRL moments between members and partners that help communities thrive.

Every month, we play matchmaker between thousands of members and a choice network of incredible local businesses, creating a positive feedback loop of exploration, local love, and economic growth. But talk is cheap—we’ll let the data take it from here.

3,700+ members and 180+ partners

$830k reinvested in the local economy

33k+ IRL experiences

At the end of the day, everything comes down to community, and ours is held together by our Code of Conduct, a community contract that keeps the good vibes flowing during the thousands of monthly interactions between our members, our partner businesses, and our team. Everyone opts-in and commits to keeping the Offline fam healthy, happy, and harmonious.

Our Team

We’re a renegade team of entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, and business consultants—all brought together by a shared passion for GIFs and a common goal: to harness the power of technology and turn it into a tool that helps people rediscover and reconnect with the world around them. In short, we’ll opt for dine-in over delivery, every time.

David Shaner
Founder + CEO

Chemical engineer turned tech entrepreneur, David has put in his 10,000 hours—and then some—since founding Offline in 2014. His mission has always been to utilize technology as a means of making communities more connected. Over the first five years, David turned Offline into the fastest growing media company for area millennials reaching over a million people every month; Offline helped generate over nine million dollars in local spending by inspiring people to ditch their screens and venture out to have real-life experiences. In 2019, he spearheaded Offline’s transition to our current subscription service, where he continues his commitment to building something that can benefit and transform local communities. The rest is history (in the making, at least). 

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Taylor Smith
Chief Operating Officer

Offline’s COO, Taylor, is responsible for running the user and partner support, development, and operations teams at Offline. With a focus on product, strategy, and growth planning, Taylor’s been a driving force at Offline since the early days. In his free time, you’ll find him shredding on the guitar and hanging out with his family while trying to convince his elementary-aged daughter that she’s not old enough to find him totally embarrassing yet.

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Avivah Furman
Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Avivah oversees Offline’s creative direction, strategic communication, and growth initiatives. She loves to talk about Offline, but not herself and since she’s in charge of this site, this is the end of her bio.

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Page West
Lead Developer

Lead Developer since Offline’s inception, Page makes sure to water the servers each week, add food to the code, and tidy up to stop any bugs from getting in. Besides acting as our resident code whisperer, he’s a converted cat-lover thanks to his wife (and their tail-free, three-legged rescue cat named Frankie), a huge fan of lounge music, and is always up for a challenge.

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Ivana Susic
Support Specialist

Say Hello, Bonjour, Hola, or Zdravo, to our Support Specialist, Ivana. She’s the one showing new partners the ropes, getting everyone up to speed, and making sure our members stay happy as clams. When she’s not chatting with members in one of four different languages, she’s hard at work pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Health at USC, she’s (hopefully) off taking a well-deserved break mixing Mezcal cocktails or walking her ever-devoted dog, Stitch.

AnnaLaura Erickson
Community Manager

With extensive experience in event planning and social media, AnnaLaura found her love of content creation while producing videos for a major beauty influencer and worked directly with Instagram to help roll out Reels in 2020. Now, as the official Cruise Director of Raleigh, Durham, and beyond, AnnaLaura spends her days sharing the city’s best restaurants and perfecting Sneak Peek parties. 

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